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  • Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve
  • VDMA - Eindhoven
  • Graphic Design BA(Hons)
  • The Digital in Architecture: Then, Now and in the Future
  • A-level: John Nash, Royal Pavilion, Brighton
  • Grounded / Studio Elmo Vermijs
  • Professor Emeritus Eckart Lange
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Lion's Den Gorge Nature Preserve

Born in Munich, he grew up around contemporary artists and designers. His professional development began with his father, an architect, and continued with his formal education in Great Britain.

He was able to inspire and organize his staff of creative associates to create enduring and memorable designs and cultivate lasting relationships with his clients. Landor re-introduced contemporary retail packaging and design in the United States, leading the consumer boom of the post-World War II era. His first clients were local companies in the San Francisco Bay area such as wineries and breweries, but the list rapidly expanded. In , Landor bought a retired ferryboat, the Klamath.

The unique setting at Pier 5 on the waterfront attracted new national and international clients from a variety of different businesses and industries, including banking and finance, retail consumer goods, and commercial aviation.

His paternal grandfather, Joseph, was a textile industrialist in Augsburg. His father became a prominent architect who designed the synagogues in Augsburg and Plauen.

While the synagogue in Augsburg can be described as traditional, the synagogue in Plauen had a non-traditional, cube-like exterior that followed the contemporary Bauhaus style. Landor grew up around art and artists in comfortable surroundings. His parents entertained frequently and hosted dinner parties with friends and associates from a variety of businesses and professions. The family enjoyed the arts with regular visits to the cultural institutions of Munich.

Sunday family trips were often to the English Garden, art museums, sometimes to an avant-garde art gallery or to the surrounding areas of the countryside. Although the Landauers were Jewish, they did not practice their religion. Walter felt that his family provided a strong moral foundation that was often supplemented by attending local lectures on subjects such as ethics and moral philosophy.

They provided Walter, a quick learner, with an open mind to listening to differing opinions and to discussing different points of view. I decided that I would concentrate on designing everyday products that would make life more pleasant and more beautiful and appeal to the mass audience. The Werkbund movement started in Germany in and set the stage for the academic training and development of professional designers.

Supporters of the movement set out to establish the improvement of production for the manufacturer and to increase sales to the consumer in a mass-market-based economy. The Bauhaus school of design in post-World War I Germany followed the mission of the Werkbund movement to foster professional design and to work with manufacturing and industry by recruiting and developing the best talent in design, crafts, and engineering to reunite art and industrial design.

In , Walter Landor went to Great Britain for six months as an exchange student to study art and improve his English. He interned at the W. Crawford, Ltd advertising agency in the copywriting and marketing departments. He appreciated his time at the ad agency, particularly in the art department, but it left him unsatisfied as to how the design of everyday objects connected with consumers.

The six months in England passed quickly and as he prepared for his return trip home, he noticed a change in his own attitude about himself and his life back in Germany.

Shortly after graduation, Landor was offered a job at the Bassett-Gray advertising and marketing company, where he was assigned to design packages using different plastics as the primary materials.

Each partner came to the firm from a different field of expertise in design and they were noted for their remarkable ability to work in collaboration with one another. He consequently changed his name to Landor. Foreseeing that leading events on the world stage would escalate to levels of great uncertainty, the IDP partnership decided to take a pro-active approach if Great Britain was indeed dragged into war.

His wanted to meet professional industrial designers and learn about business opportunities from his contemporaries in the United States. Throughout the Great Depression of the s, the role of industrial designers grew more important. By creating or adding style to manufactured products, they made it attractive for the manufacturers and retailers to continue selling their goods and products.

While GM flourished along with several other manufacturers of consumer goods , the Ford Motor Company lost its hold as the number one automobile manufacturer during these years. Following the Great Depression, industrial designers in the United States began to examine the relationship between the manufacturing processes to create an object and the desire to sell a better product. Designers such as Loewy and Dreyfus began to work alongside engineers and factory workers at the manufacturing plant to make products that would work better—not just look better.

Traveling across the country and interviewing industrial designers along the way, Landor eventually made his way to Los Angeles in hopes of finding a job with a design firm. He was unsuccessful. Upon hearing that San Francisco possibly had opportunities for professional industrial designers, he decided to travel up the coast to investigate his prospects there. Wessels offered him a job teaching product design and industrial design in the new Industrial Design department.

The two fell in love and soon married. Walter became a U. By that time, his parents had immigrated to England and relocated to Welwyn, near London. His father found work designing small-scale projects on a few retail storefronts and eventually started a small business designing cemetery monuments. His mother Elsie taught French and German to schoolchildren in the London area. Several freelance art studios were already in the area and many artists were veterans who had returned from the war and were embarking on creative careers.

If he landed a contract, he would offer contracts to some of the freelance talent to help with the work. In a business with frequent staff changes and high turnover rates, Landor was able to successfully recognize and assemble talent, then bind it to the company long-term.

By the late s, Walter and Jo were looking to expand their business geographically beyond San Francisco. Fritz Sick and his son Emil had purchased the brewery in ; by , Emil Sick had taken over the family business and decided that it was time to update and modernize the look of the product. However, the label appeared old and was not selling in the new self-service stores.

This was his opportunity to rejuvenate the label and at the same time demonstrate that the new design would increase sales by making the packaging more distinctive and attractive. Eye-compelling when stacked, they maintain that high quality look of the foil label, in spite of the printing limitations applying to shipping cases.

No longer only a local designer in San Francisco, he had successfully expanded his business to the Pacific Northwest. These labels earned Landor his earliest awards for design and that opened doors to new clients in a growing market across the country through most of the s. Landor was aware that individually packaged goods had developed as an important component in advertising and marketing.

Landor continued to experiment with new materials and tried printing on foil for packaging. In , the Bonner Packing Co. The foil wrapper also served as added protection against spoilage. Petri Wines, the number one winery in California during the late s, had been selling its table wines in non-descript gallon jugs.

Landor redesigned the bottles and labels for the entire line of Petri Signature wines. In addition, he presented an attractive prototype of the gallon bottle and labels for the whole winery. His team of designers created new labels for their stock bottles and introduced a new design for their half-gallon, quart, and fifth bottles, keeping the image of the architectural styles of the old missions and the old bell.

During this time, Landor began to expand his business beyond the West Coast and set his sights on the breweries in the Midwest. By the fall of the year, Thomas R. He installed an in-house photography studio to shoot food products and other still-lives. A color photograph of a slice of cake on the box of a cake mix introduces the flavor or taste of the cake.

Design elements for frozen foods packages and labels on canned fruits and vegetables also include photographs to depict serving suggestions for these products. As the first of many designs for Bel-Air, the designers employed photographs of vegetables and designed an abstract outline of a leaf as the background for the name Bel-Air. Safeway used this basic graphic for their Bel-Air products until the s.

In the early s, Landor began taking prototypes of his packaging and label designs into supermarkets to solicit responses from shoppers.

He would get permission from the store manager to conduct surveys , then put his designs on the shelves and move things around. He would select random shoppers and ask them which package they liked while an assistant would record which designs they selected. However, all too often a crowd would gather around Walter and the store manager would come and ask him to leave. Thanks to his method of interacting directly with customers to document their feedback, and then leave armed with their comments, he was able report to his corporate clients that the final design would indeed be successful in the marketplace.

Each client received the same amount of consideration—for Landor it was the expectation to produce the best design for a client that represented the product and the company. His researchers traced the visual history of the graphics, images, and advertisements as he reviewed the visual elements of a product, company, or brand.

In the end, the final design would identify and unify the image with the consumer. For Walter it was not enough to create an artistically pleasing design; the design needed to capture the character and personality of the product, company, or brand. He had won several awards over the previous three years from the Small Brewers Association and was then invited to deliver the keynote address at their annual meeting in Chicago on October 13,Is It Selling Beer for You?

Landor then outlined the steps for the design of a successful beer label. With top management of many breweries at the association meeting, his speech opened the doors for new clients, especially to the brewers in the Midwest markets of Milwaukee and St.

Louis and eastward to the breweries in New York. Later in articles and press releases, Landor claimed that he was the only industrial designer in the West.

Landor has been bringing a fresh western approach and new imagination to the field of design. At the Brewers' Association of America, he won eight out of nine awards for brewers in six different states. He also won the grand prize award for design for the fifth consecutive year. In , the owners of Stitzel-Weller of Louisville, KY, wanted to develop a holiday season promotional decanter for their Old Fitzgerald bourbon.

Landor required his team to go beyond creating just a simple decanter. The final design for the candlelight decanter was selected from among fifty alternative designs. After the decanter was empty, the bottle and accessories functioned as candleholders. Glass containers of this size were unwieldy and heavy, particularly when filled, making them awkward for people seated at a table to lift.

Landor used this method of consumer research and interview feedback extensively for testing the designs of his packages. California breweries Regal Amber Brewing Co. The s opened as a time of both growth and transition for Landor. More and more companies, mostly West Coast or repeat clients, turned to the designers at Landor.

For example, Landor revived the historic and well-known image of the Wells Fargo stagecoach and the Old West and placed it within the framework of a contemporary styled diamond.

For over thirty years, they had packed and sold their coffee in cans with a label of an Arabian holding a steaming cup of coffee.

VDMA - Eindhoven

In English it is also known as the Modern Style. It was often inspired by natural forms such as the sinuous curves of plants and flowers. One major objective of Art Nouveau was to break down the traditional distinction between fine arts especially painting and sculpture and applied arts. It was most widely used in interior design, graphic arts, furniture, glass art, textiles, ceramics, jewellery and metal work.

This park is a prototype for the planning and implementation of other “Nature Bird Watching; Fishing; Hiking; Off Road Parking Areas; Picnicking.

Graphic Design BA(Hons)

Her work as a planner and landscape ecologist connects people to nature in our cities. Her research is funded by the federal government and is published widely, focused on green infrastructure design for climate resilience and human wellbeing. Ayo Harrington has been involved in social justice issues most of her life with a strong focus on reclaiming land to repurpose it for public benefit and use. In the s helped gut and rebuild abandoned buildings to provide affordable housing. In , she founded Friends of the New York African Burial Ground to ensure adherence to the Federal MOU outlining the agreement between the Federal government and the descendant community for the site. Ayo has cleared garbage strewn, vacant lots turning them into community gardens and founded year-old Orchard Alley one of the largest community gardens located on the Lower East Side of New York City. In , Ayo co-founded the East River Alliance.

The Digital in Architecture: Then, Now and in the Future

My research focuses on how landscape architecture and environmental planning can influence and direct anthropogenic landscape change, while developing innovative methodologies of how advanced virtual landscape visualisations and modeling can be used to explore human reaction to these changes. My work spans a range of scales and issues including environmental impact assessments, urban green space strategies, rural landscape development, large-scale landscape planning and design, landscape aesthetics, planning and design communication as well as participatory decision-making. At a large number of international conferences I presented the results of my work as keynote speaker. This joint research project concerns planning and management for more resilient urban deltas, and in particular, adaptation of the dynamics of urban deltas to address increasing flood risk. The project evaluates innovative territorial governance as an approach to create spatial strategies that may unlock the adaptation options, especially by integrating urban planning and water management, and engaging with stakeholders.

The Bird Sanctuary has been developed with the aim to serve as a bird haven. It will first supplement the avian habitats that have been encroached by human settlements and also serve multiple ecosystem functions.

A-level: John Nash, Royal Pavilion, Brighton

Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications volume 5 , Article number: 46 Cite this article. Metrics details. In recent decades, though, architects and designers have increasingly started to consider the other senses, namely sound, touch including proprioception, kinesthesis, and the vestibular sense , smell, and on rare occasions, even taste in their work. As yet, there has been little recognition of the growing understanding of the multisensory nature of the human mind that has emerged from the field of cognitive neuroscience research. This review therefore provides a summary of the role of the human senses in architectural design practice, both when considered individually and, more importantly, when studied collectively. For it is only by recognizing the fundamentally multisensory nature of perception that one can really hope to explain a number of surprising crossmodal environmental or atmospheric interactions, such as between lighting colour and thermal comfort and between sound and the perceived safety of public space.

Grounded / Studio Elmo Vermijs

New LI President Jane Findlay believes that finding solutions to these challenges is the domain of the modern landscape professional. Original article on Landscape Institute. According to a recent study, the UK has planted million more plants in than inDuring lockdown, the country has spent an average of three more hours a week in gardens. Those without outdoor space have also been buying plants, with the average person buying two new houseplants in the last three months. The study was conducted by Homebase, which is now encouraging people to continue the trend with its new campaign Great British Green Up. The intention is to keep UK gardeners thinking about the plants they need in the garden for vital pollinators.

The Water Garden | A Journey Through Senses. The Water Garden | A Journey Through Senses Bird's eye diagrammatic view THE EPHEMERAL PAVILION.

Professor Emeritus Eckart Lange

The style is a mixture of Moorish, Tartar, Gothic, and Chinese and all in stone and iron. Such was the verdict of the Austrian statesman Klemens von Metternich on the eclectic, exotic and sensuous Royal Pavilion at Brighton. Most of the rooms are low, and I can see a morsel of the sea, from one of my sitting room windows. The ostensible aesthetic randomness of the Pavilion is best comprehended as the material expression of the profligate and rebellious life of its extraordinary benefactor, the Prince Regent, the future George IV, undoubtedly the greatest royal patron of the arts since King Charles I.

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As of Monday, December 20, , Audubon Society of RI members and guests ages 2 and over, are required to wear a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status, when visiting Audubon facilities and when participating in Audubon programming. Thank you for helping us keep our staff volunteers, and other guests safe! Snowy owls nest on the arctic tundra, but almost every year a few will show up in Rhode Island during the winter, usually in places that resemble the wide-open spaces of their arctic habitat; airports, sand dunes, coastlines and fields. Guest Post Sheila Dobbyn of Thrive Outside reflects on lessons learned when spending time in nature - specifically, on an Audubon Owl Prowl with her son! We will be birding along the top of the Narragansett Bay, on the lookout for the water birds that visit Rhode Island in winter.

This gives a general reference framework for the actual CO2 emitted rather than an estimated average. He already worked for Studio Fuksas in Rome and next year he will be moving to London.

We are currently in Beta version and updating this search on a regular basis. With its flashbulb neighbor to the south taking much of the spotlight, few know the extent of Canada' s involvement in the film industry. The city left its torrid history behind to quickly grow and cement itself into the intellectual and cultural core of the world. Berlin is the epicenter of any new movement that starts to demolish the old-world order. Ever since the wall came down in , Berlin has been known as a bohemian paradise, a place where the empty spaces between east and west could be pioneered and inhabited by the most creative types, who could create and carouse with impunity. The underground art scene is very modern, very edgy and relatively unlimited in the city of Berlin. Amsterdam has been one of Europe's pioneers of architecture and design, largely because of the 17th century rings of canal houses, gabled facades, windmills and drawbridges.

This is an innovative course with a reputation for producing ambitious and bold designers who communicate, inform, entertain and challenge the status quo. Exploration, experiminetation and finding your creative voice is paramount. You'll be working in studio spaces as part of a dynamic art school, with opportunities for collaboration which will foster an understanding of visual communication intellectually and practically.

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