Minnehaha lawn and landscapes

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Minnehaha lawn and landscapes, new 8 by 10 at auction October 8th

The many parks and civic centers in the City of Bloomington will open for an all-day arts festival.

Fourteen artists’ works of art will be featured in an all-day arts festival at eight Minneapolis parks, the Minneapolis Convention Center and St. Paul’s Ordway Theater on Saturday, October 8.

Participating artists in the Minneapolis Arts Festival will include Brad Yoder (woodcarvings), Bryan Claflin (jewelry), Teresa Covarrubias (metallic sculptures), Rebecca Franklin (collage), Erika Huckaby (ceramics), Amanda Mah (silkscreen), Anne Oliveros (found objects), Megg O’Connell (watercolors), Pat Ortner (textiles), Peter Peters (sculpture), Catherine Schlaeger (glass), Marion Schwarz (furniture), and Peter Schuyten (watercolors).

The Minneapolis Arts Festival is organized by the Minneapolis Art Council and is co-presented with Minneapolis’ Parks and Recreation, Riverview Partnership and American Indian Museum. The collaboration between public agencies and private organizations dates back to the 1970s when early partnerships were formed to create a wide range of arts activities at places like Minneapolis’ Open Space Center and Riverview Arts and Conference Center. The festival is an ideal way to get outdoors and enjoy the great works of art.

The Minneapolis Art Council is committed to fostering diversity in all aspects of art including development of arts policy, planning and practice in the public realm. This is evidenced in the scope of projects the Art Council supports including the Festival, the Citywide Arts Festival, the Day of the Dead Festival, ArtsWalk, the Merriam Park Living Sculpture Project and the 12th St. Community Music Project among others.


Minneapolis Arts Council

Minneapolis Arts Council partners with residents and artists to bring artists and arts experiences to communities throughout the city. The Minneapolis Arts Council brings fine arts to residents and visitors and enhances opportunities for people to connect to the arts.


With a creative and dedicated workforce, City of Bloomington invests in the community through its rich arts and cultural heritage. The Art, Museums &, Historical Landmarks Committee (AMHL) is responsible for creating and operating an arts-related program designed to support cultural, heritage and arts activities in the City.


A wide selection of non-fiction, music, poetry, art books, playbills, and children’s books is available in the Trout Memorial Library, located at 76 South 6th St. Contact 812-221-6700 for more information.


Historic Farm Festival produces first-class artistic, cultural, educational, and historical events that pay tribute to the Midwest’s agricultural heritage and a sustainable future for the area. For more information, please call 763-673-6511.


Nordic Festival creates opportunities for cultural learning through performances, demonstrations, art exhibitions, cooking demonstrations, and cultural activities. An overview of this event and the various offerings that occur at this unique festival is available at www.nordicfestival.com.


Grand Avenue Mall sponsors a wide array of arts, cultural and educational activities year-round. Located at 1180 East River Road. For more information, call 812-359-2800.

The Minnesota State Arts Board is the primary state agency for the support and promotion of the arts. Minnesota State Arts Board financial assistance helps to fund projects in arts education and arts access statewide, including the Minneapolis Arts Festival.

McKenny &, Kelly, Inc. is a full-service art sales company that represents more than 2,500 artists’ works of art. McKenny &, Kelly, Inc. focuses on promoting Minneapolis as a dynamic arts community and is dedicated to bringing fine art to its residents. Visit www.mckennykelly.com for more information.


Hennepin County Community Rights Organization, a nonprofit, community-based organization, seeks to improve the quality of life for all Hennepin County residents through civic participation and positive relationships. Their website is www.hcconline.org.


Hennepin Park and Recreation Authority works to promote, encourage and provide a wide range of outdoor recreation activities and facilities for the people of Hennepin County, including Minneapolis, Saint Paul and the greater metropolitan area. The Authority’s website is www.hpa.org.


Minnesota Land Trust | Flood Plains is a conservation nonprofit organization that is committed to helping Minnesota’s water quality, wetlands, forests and rural communities be part of a national movement toward smart, effective land and water stewardship. We are currently completing a new statewide project and look forward to working with our partners and all of you to help safeguard our wetland and agricultural lands. For more information, please call 888-FLOODPLATEAU.


Project PACIFIC is a collaborative arts organization that brings people of all ages and abilities together to create and share cultural experiences. Their mission is to make all art accessible by providing quality arts education

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